Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eye Liner

Liner gives a dramatic look to eyes it shapes the eyes.There are two types of eye liners
Cake liner or matte liner
Dip liner or wet liner
There are techniques to apply them both which are given below
For Cake Liner
  • This liner is applied through brush.First dip a brush in 2 to 3 drops of water and then take liner on this brush.
  • Then apply it on eye according to your eye shape.
  • For almond shaped eyes thick line of liner is suitable,for less broader eyes thin line of liner is suitable
  • Liner is basically enhances the shape of your eyes.For Asian skin tone black liner is good and for western skin tone colored liner can be looked good as well.
  • On the edges the line will be thin while in the center it will be little bit thicker.
  • An 80's century touch or eastern touch can be given by giving liner upward curve on outer corner of the eye.
For Dip Liner
  • This type of liner has it's own brush.
  • The application method is same as of cake liner.
  • On the edge it will be thin and in center it will be thick.
  • The liner brush should be hold from the bottom end for the application of smooth line.

Hair Streaking

Streaking is coloring of hair according to your desire some people like golden shades some like brown shades.You can use any color you like but there is a certain procedure of doing it and certain thing required for doing it.It gives trendy look to your hairs and thus nourishes your beauty.The things required for streaking are
Tail Comb
Streaking Cap or foil paper
A long pin
Shower Cap
Color along with developer
  • First of all shampoo your hair and let them dry.
  • After drying brush your hair.
  • Put streaking cap on your head there are pores in it put your hairs out of these pores starting from top to bottom.
  • Take out hair by leaving the gap of one or two holes.For this purpose you can use a long pin.
  • Take out hair through in gently.
  • When you have taken out all the hair through cap holes brush them gently.
  • Then apply hair bleach on it and again brush it and wear shower cap on it.
  • Check on regular intervals and when you got the desired results wash them off with fresh water and shampoo.
  • Don't put off streaking cap and wash the bleached hair wearing this cap.
  • Then apply your desired color on the bleached hair.
  • Wear shower cap on your head and after 40 to 45 mins put off streaking cap and shower cap.
  • Wash off hear with shampoo and then apply conditioner on hair.
  • Now after streaking you can do blow drying for getting a beautiful look

Hair Bleaching

Hair bleaching is the initial step of hair coloring because if you want to highlight your hair with color or want to do streaking you have to do bleaching first to cut down the natural color of your hair.Here are some guidelines to do hair bleaching
  • First of all mix hair bleach in developer.
  • Then divide your hair with tail comb or take parts for highlighting a specific portion of your hair.
  • Apply bleach with brush on that parts and always start bleaching hair from back side and then come to front side.
  • Don't apply bleach into the roots of hair it will damage your hair.Apply it by leaving a gap of an inch from the roots.
  • After applying bleach leave it for 5 mins and then brush that specific area in case of highlighting and in case of streaking whole hairs.
  • Bleach always changes the color the first shade which brings through bleaching is copper.If you want to color in the range of copper color then immediately wash off your head with shampoo.
  • In second stage golden color appears and if you want to apply golden shade then wash it off.
  • The last stage gives light or creme shade and if you want to color them with light shade take your hair to last step and then wash it off.
  • After bleaching wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner on them.
  • Bleaching weakens hair so use pre bleaching spray before bleaching or pre bleaching conditioner

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hair Vitamins

Vitamins are necessary for hair growth and every style suits on your hair if they are healthy and strong.Because intake of vitamins nourishes your hair.There are some vitamins which are required in daily routine.As your body needs diet your hair also needs a nutritious diet.
  • In your diet include fish in winter because it is very good or hair.You can egg thrice a week and if it suits you,it can be taken on daily basis.Chicken,cheese and milk are also very nutritious diets which should be included in your routine to make your hair healthy.
  • Vitamin B complex strengthens the tubes of hair so avoid using excess of sugar and caffeine.Vitamin B complex is present in bananas,almonds,grapes,tomatoes,green vegetables,potatoes etc
  • For blood circulation in your head vitamin E is very necessary and it is usually present in dry fruits.
  • Vitamin C rejuvenates your hair growth tissues.It is also increases blood flow and circulation and it is usually present in citrus fruits and vegetables like orange and lemon respectively

Hair Straightening

Some people have wavy hair so they want straight hair and some people in order to get smooth hair on different events likes straight hair.It can be done temporarily with hair straightening iron but there are certain tips and techniques to do straightening properly.
  • Always do oiling and then wash your hair with a shampoo and use conditioner after it when you are going to straight your hair it will give a shiny and smooth look to hair.
  • Before applying straightening iron on hair apply a straightening serum on hair to lessen the affect of damage.
  • After applying serum divide your hair into parts with tail comb.
  • First straight back hairs and then come to front side of hairs.
  • Hold hairs in straightener and slowly move it for 2 mins if your hair are very curly.
  • After straightening set them according to your desire

Whole Procedure of Makeup

These pictures shows the whole procedure of makeup step by step

Hair Coloring Technique

When you want to dye your white hairs there is procedure of doing it for getting better results and avoid rapid damaging of hair.The things required for hair coloring are
After Color Conditioner
Hair Color
Tail Comb
Hair Brush
Hair Capsule
  • First of all if your hair have some oil or dirty then wash it with shampoo and let them dry because color doesnt works if there is oil present in hair.
  • Then after drying divide hair in separate parts with tail comb.Then mix your your hair color and start applying it if you want to color white hair then start it from front and if fashion color then start it from back.
  • First apply color in front divided parts and then in back divided parts.
  • Leave it for 5 mins and then start combing hair with brush it will blend the color in hair till the end of hair tips.
  • Leave the color for 40 mins.
  • Then wash it off with fresh water and then apply some shampoo and wash your hair.
  • Then apply after color conditioner.
  • When your hair are half dried then apply hair capsule in hair it will remove chemical effects and give your hair healthy and fresh look.

Blow Drying

Blow dry gives your hair a neat and beautiful look.The things required for blow drying are
Hair Dryer
Round Brush
Tale Comb
Hair Spray or Gel
Hair Separators or Separating Clutches
  • First of all shampoo your hair and then condition your hair with conditioner.
  • Apply gel or hair spray in wet hair.
  • Then divide your hair in four parts with the help of tail comb back ,front, left and right and clutch them up with clutchers.
  • Now take off clutcher from the back side and with round brush roll hair around brush in your desired direction outward or inward then take dryer one feet away from hair and get them full dry with dryer and then hold it for 1 min and then take off brush slowly.
  • Now clutch off front hair and roll them with round brush and let them dry with dryer and take off brush slowly.
  • Same is the procedure you have to do with left and right side of hair and give direction according to your own desire.
  • Then in the end brush with hair and give them the style you want.

Nose Contouring

This picture shows that how you can do contouring on your nose.Contour your nose according to your nose shape.
  • If you have a broad nose then apply dark shades on sides of nose and apply a straight line in middle of your nose with highlighter.
  • If your nose tips is pointed apply a dark shade on tip of your nose.
  • To make tilted nose straight do shadowing around nose as you can see in the picture below.

Party Makeup

Party makeup is quiet different from casual makeup because it includes extra shine and much brighter shades of blush and eye shades.Here is the procedure to do party makeup.
  • First of all do cleansing and if it is summer season then gently give the massage of ice on face for 2 mins.
  • Wait for 5 mins after cleansing and then start makeup.
  • First apply concealer on dark spots on face and around eyes then leave it for 3 mins.
  • Then apply T.V paint stick matching with your skin tone and blend it with sponge.
  • Leave face free for 2 mins then apply pan cake with wet sponge.It should also matches with your skin tone and T.V paint stick color.
  • Blend it gently.
  • Apply face powder all over face and neck.
  • Now it's the turn of eyes first cover them with base color then apply eye shade matching with your dress and apply apply black or brown on the side corners and highlighter on upper lit bones and after that to give a shimmering touch apply shimmer on the outer and inner corners and for glossy touch apply eye gloss on outer and inner corners.
  • Apply eyeliner cake or wet liner smoothly on eyes.
  • Then to give a dramatic look apply kajol in eyes and in case of using cake liner apply thin line of liner under eyes.
  • Then apply mascara.
  • Give shape to eyebrows with hard black and brown pencil.
  • Now apply blush on on cheeks for party make up choose dark or slightly shimmering shades.Then do contouring.
  • At the end apply lip line and then fill the outline with the lipstick and apply gloss over it.

Soft Makeup

Soft makeup is the makeup which is done in daily routine to give your face a soft touch.It usually involves pink shades to make a natural look.Below is the procedure given for doing it
  • First of all do cleansing and then start make up after 5 mins.
  • Apply concealer and let it dry for 2 mins
  • Then apply foundation and blend it.
  • After foundation application wait for 5 mins then apply foundation powder.
  • Now it's the turn of eye apply base color and then apply pink shade around eye and then brown shade.Blend it gently.
  • Apply cake liner on eyes.
  • Apple mascara on upper and lower lashes.
  • Shape your brows with hard black and brown pencil.
  • Apply pink shade blush on on cheeks and then do contouring with brown shade.
  • Apply pink outline on lips according to lips shape and then fill it with light pink lipstick.
  • Apply pink shade gloss on lips if you want to give your lips a glossy touch.

Nail Polish Application

It is quiet difficult to apply nail polish.The beauty of nails vanishes if it is not applied properly.Here are some tips to apply nail polish properly.
  • After manicure the next important step is to apply nail polish to make nails attractive.
  • Start applying nail polish from the difficult side i.e. left hand's last finger.
  • Then apply it on right hand.
  • First coat of nail polish should be applied on the middle of nails and then on the corners.
  • Let it dry and then apply second coat.
  • Do not apply nail polish under fan or where there is wind blowing.
  • Always put your hands on something smooth like table.

Lipstick Colors

Selection of lipstick color is very difficult task.Because if you have not chosen lipstick color according to your skin tone it will look odd.So selecting a right shade in accordance with your skin tone is the main thing in makeup technique.
  • For fair colors bright colors are used to soften the look of face like red,maroon,purple etc
  • For wheatish skin tone pink colors and light brown colors are more suitable.
  • For dark skin tone soft colors like beige are much suitable.
It is an art and depends upon how you outline your lips if you are using dark outline then fill it with lighter shades and if you are using light outline then fill it with darker shades.

Nail Polish Colors

In nourishing the beauty of your nails nail polish selection plays and important role.It should also be according to your skin tone and age.Because if you have applied a nail polish which is not matching with your skin tone and age your whole beauty will be exploited.
  • For young girls all shades of peach and pink are suitable.
  • For mature ladies all dull shades like maroon are suitable.
  • For fair skin tone reddish colors are suitable
  • For dull skin tone light colors are much suitable.

Applying Mascara

Mascara is applied to make the eye lashes thick and long.It gives a dramatic look to your eyes.Here are some tips to apply mascara.
  • Select mascara according to your lashes type if you have thin lashes then select volume mascara which will give thicker look to your lashes and thus make your eyes beautiful.If your lashes are thin then select mascara which will give your lashes a separate look i.e. there are mascaras available in the market without brush.
  • Apply first coat of mascara and then let it dry.
  • Then apply second coat of mascara and let it dry.
  • Then curl your lashes with lashes curler.
  • Water proof mascara is used for staying of makeup for long time

How to Apply Concealer

Concealer is the thing which hides your face spots and dark circles around your eyes.There is a proper procedure of applying it which is given below to get better results.
  • Select the concealer color according to your skin tone.It should be little bit lighter than your skin tone.
  • Concealer is applied in the start of makeup.
  • Apply it in the form of spots on the face where there are spots.
  • Then apply it around your eyes.
  • Apply it on blue areas like above lips and chin.
  • If you have darker circles around eyes apply another coat of concealer.
  • Then let it dry.
  • After 2 mins blend it with your finger tips or sponge.
  • After this start your makeup.

Applying Blush

Applying blush is a technique and if blush is not applied well your whole makeup looks bad and give an empty look so to nourish your makeup here are some tips to apply blush on.
  • First of all select the shade of blush on matching with your skin tone and dress you are wearing
  • For casual makeup try to use light colors like peach,light brown and pink shades it give a very beautiful look.
  • Now it's the turn of application start applying blush with brush on the cheek bone from nose to ear.
  • For applying blush strokes should be inward.
  • Then blend it and the strokes should be outward.It is the most important part because it sets up the blush on in your skin.
  • While blending take the brush from ears to forehead start tip on both sides.
  • Then do contouring with the contouring brush and for contouring uses rust brown or brown shades do it around the jaw bone and around the nose tips.
  • Always keep your face straight while applying blush on because it gives the right direction

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eye Structure for Eye Makeup

This is the eye structure by which you can understand of doing eyes makeup easily.
  • The most important thing is eye lid which includes socket line,small lit,lower lit,inner corner and outer corner.
  • To give dramatic look application of mascara in a proper way is very important.
  • Eye Brows are also the major part of eye make up they should be shaped according to the face and eyes makeup you have done.
  • All the term used above will be used in eyes makeup i will be posting later on

Double Shade Eye Makeup

This is the double eye shade makeup which is commonly used in daily routine
  • First apply concealer on and around the whole eye so that your dark circles become invisible.
  • Apply light color like pink,peach,light brown etc on whole eye lid.
  • Apply light reddish eye shade on inner corner of eye.
  • Then apply dark green eye shade on socket line and blend it.
  • If you like shimmers in daily routine too apply glitter on outer corner.
  • Apply highlighter golden or silver according to your desire on upper lit eye bone.
  • Then apply black pencil from inner corner to outer corner on lower side of eyes.
  • On the end apply mascara first on upper lash and then on lower lash.
  • Shape your eye brows with hard black and brown pencil

Shimmer Eye Makeup

This picture shows that how you can do shimmer eye makeup
  • First of all cover your eyes with concealer.
  • Apply base color on the whole eye lid.
  • Apply orange color on the lid and blend it and then apply dark brown color on outer corner and on inner corner apply shimmering color golden and silver eye shade.
  • Apply highlighter on the upper lit bone.
  • Apply shimmers according to your own desire on inner and outer corner of eye.
  • Apply black pencil on lower portion of eye.
  • Apply eye liner smoothly around the eye.
  • Then apply mascara first on upper lash and then on lower lash.Let it dry and then apply it again it will give dramatic look.
  • Shape your eyebrows with hard black and brown pencil.

Lipstick Application

The picture is explaining the technique to apply lipstick.
  • First apply concealer on your lips or foundation which you have used on face then leave it for 2 mins.
  • Then make boundaries of lips according to the shape of your lips.
  • Then fill the the boundaries with the lipstick you want to apply.Apply lipstick with brush it will give a neat look
  • To retain your lipstick for long time apply a pinch of talcum powder on lips and then tap it off.
  • Apply another coat of lipstick on lips.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Smoky Eyes Makeup

Smoky eyes are very popular among eyes make up.People like to give their eyes smoky touch.It makes your eyes more attractive and gives dramatic look.The things required to make smoky eyes are given below
Silver & Golden Highlighter
Silver & Golden Eye Shades
Base Color
White Eye Shade
Steel Grey Eye Shade
Eye Liner
Black Eye Pencil
Volume Thick Mascara
  • First of all conceal eyes with the base powder you have used on face and apply concealer below eyes.
  • Apple base color on whole eye.
  • Apply silver and golden eye shade mix on whole lit.
  • Apply white color on side corner.
  • Apply Steel Grey color from corner to upper from inner to outer.
  • Apply eyeliner and then blend it.
  • Then apply black pencil on lower side of eye also give light silver and golden touch by eye brush.
  • Highlight the socket line and whole eye with golden and silver color.
  • Apply mascara on eye lashes upper and lower lash.

Eyebrow Shaping

Here are the shape of eyebrows according to which you should thread them.These are actually the shapes which suits on the type of eyebrows you have.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Foundation Application

This picture shows that how a foundation can be applied on face.It should be applied in an evenly manner as shown in picture that first spread it all over the face in the form of small spots then get spread it in the shown directions

Foundation for Different Skin Tones

Foundation forms your skin, so choosing what will look best on your skin is the most difficult task.People apply foundation only to make their skin fair but the real purpose of foundation is to give finishing and smoothness so a foundation should be like that which is fully absorbed in your skin and doesn't looks odd and face thus,it should matching with the skin tone.Here, a guide to picking the right foundation for your skin type.

For Fair Complexion
If you have a fair skin tone then select foundation which is slightly darker than your shade because it will give you a glamorous look and if you will apply a tone more fairer than your skin tone instead of looking nice it will look odd.So in order to give a natural look choose a darker shade.

For Dark Complexion
If your complexion is dark then choose a lighter shade than your skin.It will give you a fair and fresh look but it should me matched with skin in such a way that it should be fully absorbed or applied in a way that it doesn't looks over.

For Wheatish Complexion
If your skin tone is wheatish then choose a shade which is slightly lighter than your skin tone not too light it should be moderate light like ivory.It will gives a beautiful finishing.

Foundation for Face

Choosing a foundation for face is the main thing of makeup because if you have chosen a wrong foundation the all other things are useless.Foundation makes up your face.There are different types of skin so you should choose it accordingly

For Dry Skin
If your skin is dry you should use liquid foundation which contains moisturizer that will prevent your skin from drying because if you will uses dry stick foundation it will give cracked look so people who have dry skin should use liquid foundation base in both seasons summer and winter.In winter they should use foundation with rich moisturizers and in summer they should use foundation with a moderate level of moisturizer.

For Oily Skin
If your skin is oily you should use foundation powder,mousse or foundation stick because it prevents your skin from excess oils and make your skin smooth by controlling oily elements.This type of skin people should use mousse or foundation powder in summer and in winter they should mix a small quantity of face lotion with foundation stick because in winter all type of skins have a dry element so to avoid it they should do so.

For Combination Skin
If you have a combination skin i.e. dry and oily mix then you should use liquid foundation in winter with a moderate level of moisturizer and foundation powder,foundation stick or mousse in summer.

Manicure Picture

This is the explanation of doing manicure through this picture that how step by step you can do manicure and make your hands skin beautiful

Pedicure Pictures

This is pictorial explanation of pedicure that how massage and relaxation of fingers is done step by step.In the last step a piece of cloth is taken and revolved around the fingers of foot.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Waxing Technique

Waxing removes the uncessary hairs and makes the skin soft and and gives it a fair look. Waxing is a good way of removing unwanted hairs as from this procedure hairs comes out from their roots if you keep on using this method it will reduce the hair growth gradually and ultimately you will get rid of them permanently.The things require for waxing are
                                            Wax Strips
                                            Knife or Wodden sticks
  • First of all wash the area you want to wax.
  • Dip towel in water mixed with dettol and then clean the area you want to wax with it.
  • Leave it for 3 mins.
  • Apply powder on the waxing area and then take melted wax on knife or wodden stick.
  • Apply it on the area you want to wax in the oppsoite direction of hair and pat the wax strip for 2 mins.
  • Put the strip off by holding the area rigidly.
  • It will nourish your skin and makes it clear.
  • Then in the end apply moisturizer on the area you have waxed.