Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tips for Hand Care

Hands are that part of body which gives delicate look if they are beautiful and clean.Thy need special attention.You can make them beautiful by giving them sometime.Below i am giving you some tips for hand care
  • Always wash your hands with Luke warm water after using any kind of detergent and then apply cream of fresh milk to diminish the affect of detergent because it makes your hands harsh and rough.
  • Before going to sleep always was your hands and then give them a massage of olive oil mixed with lemon juice it will make your hands shiny and soft.
  • Mix cucumber juice with glycerin and dip a cotton into this mixture.It removes all the dust.
  • Butter is a very good moisturizer for hands.For rough hands apply butter on them.It makes your hands very soft.
  • To make your hands fair rub lemon on them.
  • To tighten the skin of hands take an egg without yolk and beat it then apply on hands and when it dries then wash it with Luke warm water.

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