Friday, March 27, 2009

Tips for Lips Care

In nourishing your beauty your every part plays an important everything should be balanced and try to make it perfect or near to perfect. It is not very difficult. Some people think that taking care of skin is important only your lips are also the important part of your face. I am giving you some tips which will help in nourishing your lips beauty.
  • In winter or sometimes in summer the lips crack down. To heal them grind the seeds of apple and mix it in 3 drops of water and 2 drop of rose water then apply this mixture all over your lips at night before going to sleep. In morning you will see a major difference in the condition of your lips.
  • If the color of your lips has darken due to excess use of lipstick apply olive oil mixed in lemon juice on your lips it will remove the dullness gradually.
  • For better color rub lemon slices on your lips
  • For pink lips apply castor oil mixed with lemon juice on lips.
  • Fresh milk cream is also a very good cleanser for lips. It cleanses your lips in a natural way.
  • For removing dead skin from your lips after brushing your teeth rub your brush on your lips it removes all the dead skin around your lips and gives them a fresh look.
  • Petroleum jelly is very good for giving lips a natural and glossy look try to use it instead of covering your lips from lipstick all the time.

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