Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tips for Nail Care

Nails are not a beauty symbol only but it is much related to health issue.Dirty particles in nails directly goes to our food which we eat and spread many diseases so nails should be healthy.This fact also cannot be denied that hands look beautiful with strong and healthy nails so i am giving you some natural tips to strengthen your nails and make them healthy.
  • Rub fresh garlic on nails directly to make your nails strong and for shine soak your hands in warm water containing garlic juice for 5 mins.It gives shine to your nails.
  • For shiny nails dip your nails in warm olive oil.It is a very good moisturizer for nails.
  • To remove dryness from your nails before going to sleep at night take cotton pad dipped in glycerin and apply it on nails for whole night.
  • For the growth of nails grind garlic powder and apply it's water on nails for whole night.
  • File your nails weekly.
  • Let your breath so avoid covering them from nail color all the time.It hinders the healthy growth nails.

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